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Restaurant and Supermarket

Lighting in a supermarket should be relaxing and comfortable and make shoppers want to spend as much time as possible. While walking through the aisles, customers should feel at ease while adding Items to their cart. Fruits and vegetables should look colorful, fresh and appealing. Fish, meat and deli products should also be glowing and appetizing. Eurolightsystems offers a wide variety of high quality LED and Metal Halide lighting options for Supermarket or food stores applications. UV and Mercury free, The Eurolightsystems LED alternative is the ultimate choice to avoid food spoilage and considerably save on energy consumption.

Eurolightsystems Natural lighting line is also highly recommended for restaurant illumination of all types. When dining out, many people are drawn to a particular restaurant's ambiance, and this can often become a deciding factor for choosing where to eat. Whether you are lighting an intimate bistro, where warm and soft LED, halogen or incandescent lighting can help create a mood, or a more all over diner, where pleasant, crisp, and true-to-life color rendition are key, Eurolightystems has a product to suit your restaurant lighting needs.

Eurolightsystems lighting line will also instantly transform any restaurant or hotel environment, making guests feel more relaxed and comfortable while enhancing any setting, floral or food arrangement.